Kevin J Gerry B. Eng

This set of images is the final shoot I will be doing for my “people at work” project. As promised from last Monday’s post this shoot was of a blacksmiths, More Specifically K.J Gerry’s Blacksmiths in Herniss, Penryn.
The shoot was mainly shot inside a dark room, the only light source being of the roaring coal fire in the corner, so I was slightly worried about under-exposing my film.
On the day I watched Steel rods and wrought iron beaten and thwarted into place by each supreme blow of the blacksmiths hammer. A truly beautiful craft.
Many thanks to all the guys at Longdowns Smithy.
Hope you enjoy this weeks upload!

So when searching for my next ‘People at work shoot’, I definitely knew I wanted to find a place that involved a lot of physical hard labor. From this I started to look at local businesses in the area, that contained a hard-working environment, like a butcher or blacksmith(More to come on the blacksmith front very soon.)
Treewise is a company based in Penryn, Cornwall. Specializing within the tree surgery industry. On the morning of the shoot we experienced a large amount of rain but in the afternoon this problem soon cleared up and even turned into a beautifully sunny day. I would like to say a big thank you to Andrew Dixon for this shoot being possible but also Rowan Shaw and David for letting me photograph them. Hope you enjoy!

Callestick Farm

Callestick Farm Last week I went to shoot at Callestick Farm in Truro for my first project at university called ‘People at work’ I was so lucky to be able to see all aspects of the farms life and thoroughly enjoyed my time there I would like to say I huge thank to the members of staff at Callestick Farm and I recommend that you get your hands on some of their truly delicious homemade ice-cream