West Yorkshire, Brighouse

“Brighouse, a small town squashed between two big modern conurbations. Partly, stuck in a rut of the past and coping with the struggle to claw its way back to the roaring business network it once had. The very heart of Brighouse is its Yorkshire folk like a pendulum in continuous motion making the whole town pulsate, an unlikely place to call home.
One of the town’s qualities is the canal. Fishing contests have been organised for the biggest catch on frosty winter mornings, the deep Yorkshire accent carries on the wind as the men make jest of a man’s poor catch.
Another feature to Brighouse is Aaron’s Gunsmith, where I had a week’s work of commissioned photography. Aaron is the opposite of what I expect a gunsmith to be. He has a passion for his craft, his light-hearted jesting and his legendary sized cup reading Mr Grumpy which he is anything but makes him such a spirit to photograph. I regularly visit to chat and smell the polishing wax with a touch of burnt toast waft from the back room.
Finally within my family, we are part of a community that is all about helping and putting others before your own needs. This is the Scouting community a tradition that is strong in Brighouse.”

Seeming so I’m going back home this weekend I decided to fish out some photographs and snippets of my covering letter.
This was the project I did to get into Falmouth University. It was based on the idea of community within the town.