The Knowledge….

I struggled trying to find a story in Plymouth, I kept on trying to find someone that knew what was happening in Plymouth. then it suddenly dawned on my that I was looking in all the wrong places for knowledgeable people, I in fact went around and photographed local taxi men. I had an amazing day ( all be it incredibly stressful) It gave me an insight into what is to come…. Enjoy

Plymouth Project

New project, called the portrait of Plymouth. This project however has a time restriction of 24 hours where we take the picture, edit and upload to Cartel photo agency. I have a few ideas floating around in my head so we will see what I eventually photograph…. more to come on the 24 hour project

Business cards!!!!

This week I have been battling the world of business cards. I originally went with Zazzel but I have to say I was thoroughly disappointed with the results. So I went to vista print and the quality of them is far suppierior however I now wish I have gone with Moo they give you much more value for your money but Ive also seen that they can do different designs all in one package which is perfect for handing out to different clients. Maybe next time