Relationship- Part 2

I knew from the start of this brief I wanted to look at the relationship between man and animals so I started researching whilst I was home and I found Eric Crouch and his dog Shadow. Eric started looking his sight after being diagnosed with diabetes he was given his guide dog shadow and after many years of helping his owner Shadow the guide dog has now retired ( the the large rug on the floor).
This shoot was incredibly difficult light wise, as Mr Crouch was very sensitive to light, so the blinds where shut and so using a reflector was out of the question.

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Relationships – Part 1

New project about relationships super excited to get stuck into this one.
After doing my research I realized that I wanted to do all of my photographs with people I knew (it didn’t turn out that way though. Typical) as I wanted my images to have that connection.
So I flew home to West Yorkshire where I shot everything in 3 days and bare in mind that when I arrived home I didnt have any shoots booked so its safe to say it was a busy weekend to say the least. However as soon as I was home everything fit into place, Thank god!
Here is my first shoot I did of my father whom is a Scout leader and my younger cousins

Indesign project

So at University we have started a new project looking at creating double spread layouts. My first time using Indesign so Im curious to see how this project ends. Started looking for inspiration via magaizines and online spaces like issuu, Just looking at how text is placed around the images. Its bizzard how I’d never really noticed layouts before now.
Here are a few layouts that I found interesting