Touch project

These are a few images I took for my touch project in March. Enjoy

Pep 160- Opening image (Using film)

so when looking at an establishing image I wanted to choose an  image that didn’t give the article away to easily. I also knew I wanted to have a landscape image with little text upon it as I find that this type of layout is more attractive to me.

This was the original image I choose for my establishing image on my double page spread as I liked the focus on this image but also because I liked how it hinted at the story.img055

However I wanted to push myself and see if any other images that were even more general images that would work on a double page spread so I went for this image. Which shows the process of beating the birds out f the bush but to the audience if this image were to stand alone not a lot of information could be drawn from this image.


I already had the title in mind so I did a quick mock up of how these images compared on an opening double page spread.

Untitled-2 Untitled-22


Personally I still prefer the first orignial image, i think it works better with the title as they are obviously connected and there is also alot of space to work with in the hand image whereas the one of him walking has to many textures for text to be layered over the top of it.