PEP160- Second Spread (Digital only)

So I know what images I want to put into the second spread so its just a matter of placing them on the page and seeing what works best using the space.

indesign malcome2

This is the second spread, without being messed about with. their are 4 elements to the second page. one being the quote the other 3 images. Once I have found a place for these 4 elements I can then place the text around them.


indesign malcome2


I think I have figured out where I want the elements to sit. I plan to lay the text along the bottom right corner, but first i want to sort out the text of the pulled quote.

indesign malcome2

I decided to change the text to Baskerville Old Face and move it over, so the quote sits fully on the left hand side of the double page spread.
I’ve just placed some dummy text to see if it will sit well there I feel asif it does.

Next is to type the actual text inside


this is my final bit of text….

So there we have it second indesign done and I have a crit on the 13th of May so we will see how it goes wish me luck

Till next time

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