Ten Part Portfolio

So its been a while but second year is looming and a new brief comes with it.

Over the summer we were given the brief that will fill the next semester.
As you can guess by the title we have to complete a portfolio with 10 segments to it.

The list goes as followed

1: News/Event picture.

Image to illustrate a hard or soft news event, or an image from an event, from anywhere. To be supported with an extended caption of up to 150 words.

2: Mini Feature

3-5 images to illustrate a story on anything of your choosing.

3: Observed Portrait.

Portrait obtained through watching, observing. Available light only.

4: Lit portrait.

A more formal version of the above, where you control everything, and light the subject with at least one flash head.

5: Sports picture.

An action image from a sporting event. Any sport, any action.

6: Group photograph.

A picture of a minimum of 5 people arranged and positioned by the photographer to best effect. You must use an artificial light source, either as fill or as main.

7: Music photograph.

Archetypal ‘First 3 songs no flash’ type music picture from a gig.

8: Lit Product/still life shot.

A photograph showing any product/s, or still life, presented and lit. I.e could be technology, food, flowers or shoes etc.

9: Creative standalone. ­

Your chance to photograph anything in the entire universe beautifully and creatively, with the potential for the image to stand alone in a publication. Creative and technical abilities at the forefront here.

10: Fashion photograph.

An image from the world of fashion, anything from studio, to location, to catwalk to backstage

Unfortunately we couldn’t submit anything we did over the Holidays for the final ten photographs.

So heres to another year….

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