10 part portfolio- Fashion tester

Model- Xenia Harvey

This is a tester for the fashion part of the portfolio.

I knew I wanted to go with an Autumnal feel as I felt that this would have worked well with the seasons that I have to work within the time frame I have been given.

I decided to test myself by using an array of different clothing Items and a nontraditional model ( Being shorter and fairer faced) I also loved the models hair, as it adds a soft and elegant texture to the photographs.


I also wanted to work outdoors for this shoot ( which being in the Yorkshire dales is often a risky moment)
when I arrived to Ilkey moor I was greeted with a blank sky of grey. The clouds completely blocked out the sunlight, so using flash was an absolute must and having a great team ended up with these shoots


I will hopefully be revisiting this shoot in winter time and work on the floating skirt image.


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