Creative stand-alone… Star trail tester

I know this isn’t perfect but its a start.

This was in Bodmin last night, it was a pretty dry and clear night ( Ive been waiting for a night like this for well over a month) looked to be a new moon as well so there was no natural light pollution coming from the moon. Unfortunately there was light pollution coming from a few cars so thats why there is a light patch on the horizon.

It started of difficult as my shutter release device broke on me, so for an hour and twenty minutes I pressed the shutter every thirty seconds, so thats why the trail isnt completely straight!

At the end I started to fill in the tree’s with a speed-light with a green filter to pick up the foreground.

I’m going back tonight to try again and hopefully get a better horizon as I’m not too happy with the composition of this photo, (added element of it being pitch black makes impossible to see what your doing)

Im so miffed I missed the north star, its my aim tonight to get the north star in my photograph.

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