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Photographs by Briony Dowson Press and Editorial photographer based in both Falmouth, Cornwall and Huddersfield, West Yorkshire Contact; Via email; or Via mobile; 07881932821 All rights to the photographs are reserved to Briony Dowson. Permission must be granted to use any of the material posted on this site

Ottery- St Mary’s Tar Barrels

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

This was by far the most Quirky event I have ever photographed.

Locals of Ottery carry the annual tradition of racing through the town with flaming tar barrels on their shoulders.

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014
If you are born and raised in St Mary’s then you earn the right to participate in this event.

The way it’s set up is throughout the town, specific points (usually pubs) are chosen. A new barrel is set ablaze and the chosen locals run in any direction, racing through the crowds (whom move surprisingly fast to dodge the flaming balls of fire)

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014
Why? This is a tradition the town has held annually for centuries and of course the origins of the beautifully bizarre event are unknown, but many suggestions have ben thrown out there from the villagers try to cast out evil lingering spirits from the town, to the warning that the spainsih armada was approaching (1605)

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014

The Tar Barrels of Ottery, 2014
I plan to go back next year, with a better development in photography skills but mainly just to go back and see the event again!

Falmouth Eagles Vs Withycombe

Tried my hand at sports photography last weekend and it’s safe to say I loved it.
I’ve photographed the rugby a couple of times before that but I was using a standard 70-300

So after a long debate with myself I decided to make the most of the photography store I have access to at universty and booked out a big 300 lense and I can dramatically see the difference in quality between these and my older images.

One image even made it into the local news paper

check it out

All rights reserved


So I’ve been wanting to take a photograph like this for a while.

For the lit portrait I wanted to work on the ‘Wet look’ and create a high sheen and glossy portrait.

This is only a tester and Ill be looking a different models with heavier makeup to create a different look.

I just wanted to show these images side by side.

I personally prefer the black and white image but unfortunately for this brief i must work in colour


10 part portfolio- Fashion tester

Model- Xenia Harvey

This is a tester for the fashion part of the portfolio.

I knew I wanted to go with an Autumnal feel as I felt that this would have worked well with the seasons that I have to work within the time frame I have been given.

I decided to test myself by using an array of different clothing Items and a nontraditional model ( Being shorter and fairer faced) I also loved the models hair, as it adds a soft and elegant texture to the photographs.


I also wanted to work outdoors for this shoot ( which being in the Yorkshire dales is often a risky moment)
when I arrived to Ilkey moor I was greeted with a blank sky of grey. The clouds completely blocked out the sunlight, so using flash was an absolute must and having a great team ended up with these shoots


I will hopefully be revisiting this shoot in winter time and work on the floating skirt image.


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Ten Part Portfolio

So its been a while but second year is looming and a new brief comes with it.

Over the summer we were given the brief that will fill the next semester.
As you can guess by the title we have to complete a portfolio with 10 segments to it.

The list goes as followed

1: News/Event picture.

Image to illustrate a hard or soft news event, or an image from an event, from anywhere. To be supported with an extended caption of up to 150 words.

2: Mini Feature

3-5 images to illustrate a story on anything of your choosing.

3: Observed Portrait.

Portrait obtained through watching, observing. Available light only.

4: Lit portrait.

A more formal version of the above, where you control everything, and light the subject with at least one flash head.

5: Sports picture.

An action image from a sporting event. Any sport, any action.

6: Group photograph.

A picture of a minimum of 5 people arranged and positioned by the photographer to best effect. You must use an artificial light source, either as fill or as main.

7: Music photograph.

Archetypal ‘First 3 songs no flash’ type music picture from a gig.

8: Lit Product/still life shot.

A photograph showing any product/s, or still life, presented and lit. I.e could be technology, food, flowers or shoes etc.

9: Creative standalone. ­

Your chance to photograph anything in the entire universe beautifully and creatively, with the potential for the image to stand alone in a publication. Creative and technical abilities at the forefront here.

10: Fashion photograph.

An image from the world of fashion, anything from studio, to location, to catwalk to backstage

Unfortunately we couldn’t submit anything we did over the Holidays for the final ten photographs.

So heres to another year….


After the crit this morning and a few bits and bobs of tweaking the images lighter so they will print better I’ve finally got the final drafts.
Also in the crit this morning it was pointing out to me that I am a terrible speller.

However I am pleased with my first time working with indesign, fun project to learn about the pictures in print side of photography. Hope to be doing something similar soon

Till next time

PEP160- Second Spread (Digital only)

So I know what images I want to put into the second spread so its just a matter of placing them on the page and seeing what works best using the space.

indesign malcome2

This is the second spread, without being messed about with. their are 4 elements to the second page. one being the quote the other 3 images. Once I have found a place for these 4 elements I can then place the text around them.


indesign malcome2


I think I have figured out where I want the elements to sit. I plan to lay the text along the bottom right corner, but first i want to sort out the text of the pulled quote.

indesign malcome2

I decided to change the text to Baskerville Old Face and move it over, so the quote sits fully on the left hand side of the double page spread.
I’ve just placed some dummy text to see if it will sit well there I feel asif it does.

Next is to type the actual text inside


this is my final bit of text….

So there we have it second indesign done and I have a crit on the 13th of May so we will see how it goes wish me luck

Till next time