Pep160- Opening spread ( Digital Only)

indesign malcome I thought that working with this series of images was going to be difficult however. I do infact find that working with all the colour in this image makes if far more interesting. This is my opening double spread for my digital piece. I like the text how is placed on the page, very simple agents the busy background.

My other image to use for the front page spread is this one


However I thought this image was too boring compared to the other image

Pep 160- NEW LAYOUT- (digital only)

For part of pep160 we make 2 double page spreads one consisting of only using film negatives and the other is to only use digital prints  (from this year of course)
I’m looking forward to showing you what I do with this digital project, I’m thinking of using my photographs of the Hoarder. I’m wondering whether there will be any similarities between my film and digital spread. I cant decided if a similarity will be a good thing or not…

till next time

Touch project

These are a few images I took for my touch project in March. Enjoy

Pep 160- Opening image (Using film)

so when looking at an establishing image I wanted to choose an  image that didn’t give the article away to easily. I also knew I wanted to have a landscape image with little text upon it as I find that this type of layout is more attractive to me.

This was the original image I choose for my establishing image on my double page spread as I liked the focus on this image but also because I liked how it hinted at the story.img055

However I wanted to push myself and see if any other images that were even more general images that would work on a double page spread so I went for this image. Which shows the process of beating the birds out f the bush but to the audience if this image were to stand alone not a lot of information could be drawn from this image.


I already had the title in mind so I did a quick mock up of how these images compared on an opening double page spread.

Untitled-2 Untitled-22


Personally I still prefer the first orignial image, i think it works better with the title as they are obviously connected and there is also alot of space to work with in the hand image whereas the one of him walking has to many textures for text to be layered over the top of it.


Whilst being at home I’ve had two projects I’ve been working on, these projects are called touch and fragile and finally my third week of being home I have found stories that fit into both projects.

I’m super excited about photographing them and seeing the final out come. Part of my in design project rely’s on the photographs from touch and fragile so whilst taking these photographs Im looking for creating photographs that will work well on double page spreads!!


Whilst its all fun gallivanting off photographing new and interesting  people, I do unfortunately have to write essays. The brief for this essay is  a topic of your choice that adresses specifc issues within the context of press and editorial photography.
So for my essay I have decided to do it  on conflict photography, looking deeply into the social pros and cons of taking Images. I want to concentrate on the morality of the photographer which leads me on to the chosen image I will analyse within this essay which is  Nathan Weber‘s photograph taken of 15-year-old Fabienne Cherisma death in a nedrasat rooftops in Haiti’s capital Port au Prince.

So this week I plan to write this essay including Harvard referencing (which is beyond hard for me)
Wish me luck

Post London

So a change of events happened last week, I ended up getting the opportunity to meet up with Ray Tang from Rex’s Features and we went to the 25th anniversary  of the NeXT cube computer.
I ended up being part of the press and honestly learnt so much that day and I’m very thankful Ray took time to answer all of my questions and provide me with so much useful information.

Here are some of the photographs I took whilst with Ray


The next day I went and work for Sarah Lee a photographer for the Guardian, where we photographed author Louisa Young. This was also an amazing learning opportunity, I honestly learnt so much in two day of work experience.


And Finally on Thursday was my 24 hour project. I photogrpahed Doreen the Pearly Queen of Bow Bells And Old Kent Road. I didn’t know what to expect really but when I entered her flat I was blown away by her front room or as she likes to call it “the museum room”. She was absolutely wonderful and so full of life.

Here is a few of the photographs I took for my 24 hour project

And now its time to travel back home to Yorkshire for the Easter break.


Part of our first year involves going to London to have see the second years gallery viewing (which will be us next year) and also to have the chance to meet some photographers that come into to talk to us.

This London Week finishes with a 24 hour project, the brief is titled “The city never sleeps”.  A week before we were about to leave for London I still didn’t have a clue what to photograph for this 24 hour project, Originally I wanted to photograph soup kitchens but after talking to my tutor he told me to look at London in a different way, look for a story about the every day and then we started to talk about London’s cockney roots. After feeling inspired from my tutorial I decided to look at London’s root originally looking at Eel shop, which then lead me to looking at pubs in London ( many now have closed down) So I was thinking about doing my project on abandoned pubs in London until I came across an article on the internet about this one particular pub where many Pearly kings and Queens would meet. I rang up the pearly king and queen society and within half an hour I had my 24 hour project sorted.

Lets hope London is easy on us!!

Relationship- Part 2

I knew from the start of this brief I wanted to look at the relationship between man and animals so I started researching whilst I was home and I found Eric Crouch and his dog Shadow. Eric started looking his sight after being diagnosed with diabetes he was given his guide dog shadow and after many years of helping his owner Shadow the guide dog has now retired ( the the large rug on the floor).
This shoot was incredibly difficult light wise, as Mr Crouch was very sensitive to light, so the blinds where shut and so using a reflector was out of the question.

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